No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee

While Lloyd Injury Law is not able to guarantee the results of any particular case, we can guarantee that if there is NO RECOVERY on your case, NO FEE will be charged. We can do this because we are PAID ONLY WHEN WE WIN YOUR CASE based on a contingency fee agreement. 

A contingency fee means that the law firm gets paid a set percentage of any recovery secured on your case. 

Access to justice, and competent legal representation, is a major problem for many low-income individuals. Often they cannot afford to pay the exorbitant hourly fees that attorneys may charge for their legal services. At Lloyd Injury Law, we believe everyone deserves access to justice. That is why we provide legal services based on a contingency fee agreement. 

Benefits of contingency fees include: 

1. Access to Justice.  Because no up-front fees for legal services are charged, clients with valid cases but access to little or no money are still able to pursue their claims. This increases access to justice for all, as low-income individuals are not priced out of quality legal services, and can present their case on an equal playing field as opposing parties with significant resources at their disposal. 

2. Incentive to Maximize your Recovery. Any attorney providing legal services on a contingency fee basis has an increased incentive to maximize your recovery as the percentage the attorney is paid at the conclusion of the case is based on the total recovery. Thus, the more money the attorney recovers for you, the more money the attorney is paid. 

3. You Don't Pay for Unproductive or Unnecessary Legal Work. Clients who hire attorneys on a contingency fee can be assured that they will not be paying an attorney for unproductive work - attorneys who bill hourly have sometimes been known to rack up attorney fee charges by spending time doing unproductive, and unnecessary tasks, on their client's cases. Attorneys who work on a contingency are not paid based on how many hours they put into a case, rather, they are only paid based on results. Therefore, contingency fee attorneys are less likely to waste time completing unproductive or unnecessary tasks on your case that waste time and rack up higher bills. 

Lloyd Injury Law's NO RECOVERY, NO FEE GUARANTEE is written into the attorney-client "Engagement for Legal Services & Contingency Fee Agreement" that you sign when the attorney agrees to provide legal services on your case. You should never be surprised by the percentage of recovery being charged for legal services. Please read your "Engagement for Legal Services & Contingency Fee Agreement" carefully and let your attorney know if you have any questions.